Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket?

Slip the SleepSack wearable blanket over your baby's regular sleepwear as a replacement to loose blankets in the crib. You will normally want to put a short or long sleeve shirt, bodysuit or a cotton coverall underneath the wearable blanket depending on the room temperature.

Don't put your baby to sleep wearing a hat, as this can result in overheating.

What is the difference between 100% Cotton fabric and Microfleece fabric?

The 100% Cotton fabric is suitable for day time naps and warmer weather, while the Microfleece is a slightly thicker and warmer fabric, best used for air-conditioned rooms and night use. All HALO SleepSacks are made with the safest, non-toxic premium fabrics.

How many pieces should I invest in?

We recommend stocking at least 2-4pcs initially to cover for "accidents" (pee, poop, etc...) and laundry time. Make sure to invest in an assortment of 100% cotton and microfleece fabrics so your baby is ready for any temperature condition. You can add more pieces as you go, depending on your lifestyle.

Won't my baby get too hot wearing the SleepSack wearable blanket?

The SleepSack wearable blanket is suitable for a wide range of temperatures by adjusting the clothing you put on your baby underneath the wearable blanket. They can wear anything from just a diaper underneath this cuddly fabric, to a coverall or sleeper.

Many parents have reported that their babies sleep better with the HALO SleepSack since they stay covered all night long.

Why is the SleepSack sleeveless?

The sleeveless design makes it easy for parents to slip the SleepSack wearable blanket on and off the baby. (Even while baby is sleeping!) It also reduces the chance of baby overheating.

Why is the ZIPPER upside down?

The zipper is inverted to allow you to unzip the SleepSack wearable blanket from the bottom for easy diaper changes. There is no need to disrobe your sleeping baby.

How does the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket hold up in the washing machine?

Our SleepSack wearable blanket is made of the highest-grade fabrics available which will remain durable through many washings. The SleepSack wearable blanket should be washed with like colors, and tumbled dry on low heat. Remember to close the Velcro strips on the swaddle wrap before washing to prevent it from attaching to other items in the wash.

Does any of my purchase go towards Charity?

YES, HALO donates a portion of all SleepSack wearable blanket sales to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

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