We Do Everything We Can to Protect Our Babies

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Certification

HALO products have always been tested to ensure they are sturdy and free of lead and toxins. All our products meet the requirement mandated by the CPSC Standard on lead levels, and flammability of Clothing and Textiles.


Oeko-Tex Certification

HALO products only use Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class 1 certified fabrics and components. Oeko-Tex ® is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textiles to confirm they are free of harmful substances and chemicals.


Fabric Permeability Tests

conducted by a third-party research scientist indicated that HALO fabrics are breathable and do not pose a risk for suffocation or injury.


Thermal Resistance Testing and TOG

The British "TOG" value is the international standard measurement of a blanket's thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). All fabrics used in HALO products have been tested to deliver TOG values that are safe for infants and children. The SleepSack wearable blanket is suitable for a wide range of temperatures by adjusting the clothing worn underneath it. Babies can wear anything from just a diaper, to a long sleeve bodysuit or a cotton coverall. All SleepSack fabrics breathe and wick moisture to avoid overheating.

It's not just lipservice when we say that HALO only uses premium & non-toxic fabrics.

When you use a HALO product, you are assured of the highest standards in safety and quality that MAY NOT be assured with other alternatives in the market.

Why risk your baby's health and safety when all you need is HALO?